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“Chronicle of the Life of Savitri Devi”

by R.G. Fowler


13 May: Asit Krishna Mukherji born in Medinipur, Bengal


Night of 13-14 March: Maximine Julia Portaz (Savitri Devi) conceived in Lyons, France
30 September: Born in Lyons at 8:45 am


* Has first pet cat

1910 or 1911

* At the age of five, becomes vegetarian and opponent of all forms of exploitation of animals


October: Begins school, Catholic school, rue Suchet, Lyons


After 12 April: Sees first film, Quo Vadis, in Lyons; the newsreel dealt with the sinking of the Titanic.


* Discovers Musée Guimet in Lyons: Most impressed with a statue of Kali with the inscription “She does not forgive.” Remarked that she was “Fed up with a God who always forgives.”


* Refuses to pray to the Virgin Mary in school for the defeat of Germany


* Incensed by Allied treatment of Greece during the First World War, takes the German side in World War I. Writes in chalk in meter high letters on a wall of the Gare des Brotteaux in Lyons, “A bas les Alliés! Vive l’Allemagne!”—“Down with the Allies! Long live Germany!”

1915 or 1916

* At the age of 10, discovers poetry of Leconte de Lisle


* Receives Certificat d’études (end of primary school)
* Enters Lycée Anatole France, studied classical languages (Greek and Latin) (government school)
* Refuses to honor the ideology of the French Revolution in the government school


* Changes to Lycée moderne, because parents cannot afford Lycée classique
* Meets first German, a prisoner of war in Lyons

1920 or 1921

* Wins bicycle in regional essay contest; essays were to be based on an expurgated biography of Louis Pasteur; returns bicycle when learns of Pasteur’s experimentation on animals


* Receives Diploma (High School Diploma)


February or March: Visits asylum in Laforce, SW France; feels revulsion towards the insane and mentally retarded inmates


* Receives Superior Diploma (which allowed her to go directly into a MA or MS program)
* Visits Italy for the first time; on this or a later trip to Italy, Savitri visited the volcanoes Vesuvius, near the Bay of Naples, and Stromboli, on Sicily
9 August: Lands in Greece for first time
* Later recalled lying on the deck of the “Andros” and “Patris” reading Nietzsche’s The Will to Power and Palamas’s “Legend of the One-Who-Never-Wept”
9 November, afternoon: Visits the Acropolis of Athens while in Munich Hitler attempts his “Beer Hall” Putsch
5 December: Leaves Greece for Lyons


January: Begins studies at University of Lyons, towards MA in philosophy
25 June: Passes first examination for MA, on psychology, Lyons


2 March: Passes second examination for MA, on general philosophy and logic, Lyons
25 June: Passes third examination for MA, in ethics and sociology, questioning the idea of progress, Lyons
October: Goes back to the lycée with 16 year old students to earn Baccalaureate (Savitri had gone directly into a MA program, but wanted a BA as well.)
25 November: Receives “Diplome d’études supérieures de philosophie,” Lyons. Topic: belief; text: William James, “The Will to Believe”


* Second visit to Italy; admires Mussolini’s regime
* Goes to Greece; travels the Peloponnesus on foot and horseback
29 November: Returns from Greece to Lyons


* Finishes second part of Baccalaureate in philosophy. Topic: the concept of the object


28 February: Last exam for MA, on general history of philosophy, Lyons
* Begins working toward Ph.D. in philosophy.
* Decides to write complimentary doctoral thesis on Theophilos Kaïris
* Goes to Greece, supporting herself as French tutor and working on Kaïris thesis
* Applies for position of professor of French in Greek lycée; passes test in Greek on French literature and language; receives response in 1939 and learns that there had been 11,000 candidates on the list before her
28 May: Rejects French citizenship for Greek citizenship
5 July: MA in philosophy approved by Ministry of Public Instruction in Paris
13 August: MA diploma presented in Lyons (It is not known if Savitri was there to receive it.)


23 April: Departs Athens for Greek Orthodox Easter pilgrimage to Palestine; visted Rhodes on the way to Palestine and Cyprus on the way back; may have visited Egypt as well (In one source the pilgrimage is described as a fortnight, in another, forty days. Of course the pilgrimage itself could have lasted a fortnight and the total journey could have taken forty days.)
April or May: Realizes in Palestine that she is a National Socialist
* Completes first draft of Kaïris thesis in Greece
November: Returns from Greece to Lyons
* Decides to get an MS in chemistry in preparation for principal Ph.D. thesis in philosophy of science


* A.K.Mukherji goes from England to the USSR for two years (according to Savitri Devi).
5 July: Passes exam in physical chemistry, Lyons
August: In Athens (Defiance, 337)
10 November: Passes exam in general chemistry, Lyons
* Receives “Honorable Mention” in contest for prize in general chemistry


* A.K. Mukherji returns to India from England (according to nephew Subrata Banerjee).
8 July: Passes exam in biochemistry
11 July: Passes exam in theoretical and applied mineralogy, Lyons
Summer: Rewrites Kaïris thesis in Athens
October 1: Writes acknowledgements to Kaïris thesis, thanking Marika Kaloyerikou


* A.K. Mukherji returns to England from two years in USSR and then goes back to India (according to Savitri Devi).
24 February: Father dies in Lyons of “paralysis” (probably a stroke)
28 April: MS approved by Ministry of Public Instruction in Paris
14 May: MS diploma presented in Lyons (It is not known if Savitri was there to receive it.)


17 March: Writes Preface to Kaïris thesis, Lyons
13 June: Both doctoral theses approved, Lyons
* Photographs indicate that Savitri and a Greek friend visited Egypt


1 April: Defends doctoral theses in Lyons, receives Ph.D. in philosophy
2 April: Applies for India Visa
Spring 1935: Sails for India via Ceylon
13 May: Arrives from Marseilles in Ceylon
* Visits Kandi, Ceylon, and worships at Buddhist shrines
* Travels to Talaimannar, northern Ceylon, jumping off point to India
17 May: Departs Talaimannar, arrives in Dhanushkodi, India
17 May: Attends Vaishaka Purnima festival at Rameshwaram
* Travels to Pondicherry; lectures on Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
28 May: Leaves Pondicherry for Madras
30 May: Leaves Madras for Calcutta, third class
12 June: Leaves Calcutta for Dacca
20 June: Returns to Calcutta, staying at YWCA
Third week of July: Departed Calcutta for Rabindranath Tagore’s Viswa Bharati University, Shantiniketan, to study Hindi and improve Bengali
July: Meets Rabindranath Tagore, Amiya Chakravarty, Margaret Spiegel at Shantiniketan
* While at Shantiniketan, receives nickname “Savitri” (solar energy) from young women in dormitory; Savitri herself probably added the title “Devi” (“goddess”), a title all Aryan women in India are entitled to bear
September: In Lucknow at Haldar’s (perhaps at Asit Kumar Haldar’s Government School of Arts and Crafts)
15 September: In Calcutta when the Nuremburg laws are promulgated
October or November: A.K. Mukherji begins publishing The New Mercury, Calcutta


Winter: Teaches English and Indian history in Jallundhar College near New Delhi
Winter: While living in Jallundhar, begins Hatha Yoga studies with South Indian Brahmin who was curator of the museum in Lahore; makes rapid progress, but told to abandon practice due to pains in her optic nerves; henceforth focuses on karma yoga (detached action) and bhakti yoga (religious devotion)
18 March: Ph.D. in philosophy approved by Ministry of Public Instruction in Paris
31 March: Ph.D. diploma delivered in Lyons (Savitri probably was not present to receive it)
9 April: Robbed at knife point by two intruders, Calcutta (It is more likely that this event occurred in 1937.)
* Quits job at Jallundhar (probably at end of academic year) and goes on foot pilgrimage from Hardiwar to Gangotri (15 days each way) (The pilgrimage season begins in April.)
* Visits Kashmir and makes pilgrimage to Ice Lingam of Amarnath (Pilgrimages generally take place in July and August.)
August-September: Stays several weeks in Mathura, the holy city of Krishna on the Jamuna near Delhi, during the Janmashtami festival honoring the birth of Krishna (This probably took place in 1936, but could have taken place in 1937.)
October-November: Visits Khyber Pass in Afghanistan
* Catches elephantiasis sometime during 1936

1936 or 1937

* Takes a trip from India to the Middle East by train and ship, visiting Baghdad, the ruins of Babylon, and Syria, returning to India via the Persian Gulf, departing from Basra (may have visited Egypt). (It is more likely that this took place in 1937.)
* Meets Swami Satyananda of the Hindu Mission (It is more likely that this took place in 1937.)
* Goes to work for the Hindu Mission (It is more likely that this took place in 1937.)
* Meets Subhas Chandra Bose through Hindu Mission (It is more likely that this took place in 1937.)
9 April: Robbed at knife point in her apartment by two intruders, Calcutta (It is more likely that this event occurred in 1937.)


* Writes L’Etang aux Lotus [The Lotus Pond], Caluctta
* British close down The New Mercury
1 December: Photographed in Calcutta in Indian finery


9 January: Claims to have met A.K. Mukherji in Calcutta
16 May: Apartment in Calcutta robbed of sixty saris
* Begins writing A Warning to the Hindus, Calcutta


May: Completes A Warning to the Hindus, Calcutta
* A Warning to the Hindus published, Calcutta
29 September: Marries A.K. Mukherji in civil ceremony, Calcutta
15 November: Writes Preface to L’Etang aux Lotus, Calcutta


* L’Etang aux Lotus published (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1940)
30 April: British passport issued in Calcutta
16 May: Receives Italy visa from Italian Consulate, Calcutta
9 June: Marries A.K. Mukherji in religious ceremony, Calcutta
15 June: Receives visa to visit Pondicherry for 15 days, expiring 31 July 1940, from French Consulate, Calcutta
July: Visits the tomb of Sultan Tippu in Srirangapatnam
September: Completes The Non-Hindu Indians and Indian Unity, Calcutta
* The Non-Hindu Indians and Indian Unity published (Calcutta: Hindu Mission, 1940)
December: Completes and publishes Akhnaton’s Eternal Message: A Scientific Religion 3,300 Years Old (Calcutta: A.K. Mukherji, 1940)


September: Visits Mohandas K. Gandhi at his Sevagram ashram near Wardha; he grants Savitri a thirty-minute interview


* (Perhaps) writes and publishes A Perfect Man: Akhnaton, King of Egypt, Caluctta
* (Perhaps) begins writing Joy of the Sun: The Beautiful Life of Akhnaton, King of Egypt, Told to Young People, Calcutta


14 February: Writes Preface of Joy of the Sun, Calcutta
* Joy of the Sun published (Calcutta: Thacker, Spink and Co., 1942)
May: Begins A Son of God : The Life and Philosophy of Akhnaton, King of Egypt (Son of the Sun) in Calcutta


7 November: Her single quarrel with Mr. Mukherji because of her indiscreet mention of his former editorship of The New Mercury


* Savitri's translation (as Maximine Portaz) of Denis Diderot's La Religieuse (The Nun) published as Confessions of a Nun (Calcutta: Susil Gupta, 1944) (Susil Gupta was an imprint owned by A.K. Mukherji.)
17 April: Receives departure visa to the United Kingdom valid for thirty days, Calcutta
October: Begins traveling around India to avoid news of WWII
Before 27 November: Writes to Aldous Huxley regarding Akhnaton (he replies on this date)


January: Completes A Son of God (Son of the Sun) in New Delhi
April: Savitri's translation (as Maximine Portaz) of Voltaire's Candide published (Calcutta: Susil Gupta, 1945)
* Spends three weeks in Goa
June: Attempts to commit suicide at the beach at Varkala on the Malabar Coast
July: Returns to Calcutta
5 July: Writes to Aldous Huxley, Calcutta
July: Begins Impeachment of Man in Calcutta
August: A.K. Mukherji's A History of Japan: Cultural and Political (Calcutta: Susil Gupta, 1945) published
3 October: Renews passport until 30 April 1950; receives visa to depart for the United Kingdom within 30 days, Calcutta
October: Durga and Kali festivals, Calcutta. Savitri consecrates herself to Kali
2 November: Departs India for London, Bombay
15 November: Disembarks in Southampton and takes boat train to London (In Long-Whiskers, page 59, she mentions that she had visited London “several times long before.”)
10 December: Receives permit to visit Jersey, departing between 11 December 1945 and 30 December 1945, and returning by 31 December 1945
14 December: Passport stamped in Southampton on Jersey permit page


5 January: Receives visa to visit France for two months, expiring 30 April 1946, from French Consulate, London; motive of the voyage: “compassion”
19 January: Passport stamped “embarked” in Southampton on page facing France permit
29 January: Passport stamped “embarked” in New Haven; adjacent is a stamp from January 1946 but with an illegible day (probably also the 29th) indicating debarkation in Dieppe
3 February: Huxley writes to Savitri
February: Leaves London for Lyons
13 March: Writes Preface to A Son of God, Lyons
29 March: Completes Impeachment of Man, Lyons
16 August: Luggage stolen in Gare Saint-Lazare, Paris en route to London
* A Son of God published (London: Philosophical Publishing House, 1946)
* Lectures on Akhnaton in London
* Meets Veronica Vassar and Muriel Gantry in London
* Meets Count Potocki of Montalk in London (this could have happened in 1947)
15-16 October: Prophetic Dream/Astral Projection (?) regarding the death of Herrmann Göring, London
29 October: Receives visa from Icelandic Legation in London to visit Iceland, valid until 29 January 1947
9 November: Sails from Hull to Iceland (passport stamped “embarked” in Hull on 9 November, 8 November according to ATRO)
14 November: Arrives in Reykjavik (passport stamped in Reykjavik on 14 November, 15 November according to ATRO)


4 April: Vists the volcano Mount Hekla, which is erupting
5 April: Spends night on the slopes of the erupting volcano
16 April: Completes Akhnaton: A Play in Reykjavik, Iceland
9 June: Visits Godafoss, the "Waterfall of the Gods"
8 July: Passport stamped in Reykjavik before embarking for England
* Lands job with Ram Gopal dance company as dresser, London
November: In London (mentions losing gold swastika pendant there at that time)


Akhnaton: A Play published (London: Philosophical Publishing House, 1948)
7 February: Receives visa to visit France for one month from French Consulate, London
9 April: Writes first chapter of The Lightning and the Sun in Edinburgh
Early May: Goes to Scandinavia for six weeks with Ram Gopal
21 May: Side trip to Norway with Ram Gopal
30 May: Returns to Sweden from Norway with Ram Gopal
May or June: Meets Elwyn Wright and other National Socialists, Stockholm
6 June: Meets Sven Hedin, Stockholm
15-16 June: Train ride through occupied Germany distributing propaganda leaflets, cigarettes, and food packets
*Returns to London
*Hires Count Potocki of Montalk to print propaganda posters and leaflets
8 August: Receives visa from French Embassy in London
20 August: Arrives in France
* Travels to Paris; calls an old school friend, Georgette Soustelle, wife of Jacques Soustelle, a henchman of De Gaulle, and asks her aid in obtaining a French military permit to enter occupied Germany; receives permit
31 August: Receives French military permit to visit French-occupied Germany
7 or 11 September: Re-enters Germany at Saarbrücken
3 October: Writes Introduction to Gold in the Furnace, Alfeld an der Leine, Germany
5 December: Photographed at Alfeld an der Leine, near railroad tracks, probably on her departure
6 December: Completes chapter 3 of The Lightning and the Sun in Karlsruhe railway station, Germany
* Leaves Germany and travels back to London for Christmas holidays
7 December: Passes through Luxembourg customs en route to Paris
9 December: Embarks for England at Dieppe


14 January: Receives visa from French Embassy in London
* Travels from London to Germany
12 February: Finishes chapter 3 of Gold in Bonn café
13/14 February: Meets Gerhard Wassner, Cologne
13/14 February: Departs Cologne for Hanover
* Begins chapter 4 of Gold in Hanover café
20 February: Arrested in Cologne; three chapters of Gold finished.
22 February: Transferred to Düsseldorf
22 February (21 in Defiance): Taken to Werl
23 February: Meets Hertha Ehlert
March 1949: Preliminary hearing in Essen
5 April: Trial in Düsseldorf
8 April: Resumes work on chapter 4 of The Lightning and the Sun, Werl prison, Germany
By 30 May: Part of chapter 5 of Lightning, Werl
30 May: Cell searched and manuscripts confiscated
10 June: Colonel Vickers, Commandant of Werl, calls her the most objectionable Nazi he had ever met
17 June: Manuscripts returned
16 July: Completes Gold in the Furnace in Werl (8 more chapters written after trial)
After 16 July: Continues chapter 5 of Lightning, Werl
Before 18 August: Finishes chapter 5, Werl
18 August: Released from Werl, returns to Lyons
* Begins writing Defiance, Lyons


29 August: Writes Preface to Defiance, Lyons
Autumn: Savitri and Muriel Gantry visit Savitri’s mother in Lyons
Autumn: Travels to Rome
* A.K. Mukherji publishes pamphlet Pakistan Puts the Clock Back (Calcutta: Uttarayan Limited, 1950)


* Works on chapters 6 and 7 of The Lightning and the Sun in Lyons
September: Photographed for frontispiece of Defiance in Lyons
September or later: Defiance published (Calcutta: A.K. Mukherji, 1951)


Early part of year: Finishes work on chapters 6 and 7 The Lightning and the Sun, Lyons
* Continues writing Part II of Lightning in Lyons
21 August: Writes Preface to Gold in the Furnace, Lyons
* Gold published (Calcutta: A.K. Mukherji, 1952)


January or February: Savitri and Muriel Gantry visit Greece, departing from Marseilles, deck passage on steamer “Ionia”
26 March: Writes “1953” in Athens
Early to mid-April: flies from Phaleron to Campini, then travels to Rome; meets Camillo Giuriati, former Italian consul in Calcutta; takes train north to Austria through Brenner Pass
18 April: Visits Linz
20 April: Visits Braunau in the Inn
21 April: Visits Berchtesgaden
23 April: Visits Munich
24 April: Visits Landsberg am Lech
25-26 April: Visits Nuremberg
* Visits Hertha Ehlert’s husband in Homberg von der Höhe
Early May: Reunion with Fräulein B., Koblenz
* Visits widow and grave of Otto Ohlendorf, Hoheneggelsen
* Reunion with Hertha Ehlert, Fischerhof convalescent home hear Uelzen; meets Katja U.
May: Begins living with Katja U. in Emsdetten in Westphalia
October: Visits Teutoburger Wald and Herrmann monument
23 October: Visits Externsteine
28 October: Visits Holzminden
30 October: Revisits Externsteine


6 February: Completes Pilgrimage in Emsdetten
4 May: Completes chapter 13 of The Lightning and the Sun, Emsdetten
After 4 May: Begins work on chapters 14 and 15, Emsdetten and other locations as Savitri was on the move
5 June: Second visit to Obersalzburg; sees Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest”
16 December: Savitri’s room in Emsdetten searched by police; manuscript of Pilgrimage confiscated; Savitri interrogated for ten hours
26 December: Second search


4 May: Completes chapter 13 of The Lightning and the Sun, Emsdetten
* Has to vacate room in Emsdetten
* Unable to find landlord who will take her cat Black Velvet, Savitri travels to Chomélix, central France and leaves him in the care of Simone Bacqué
* Settles in cottage in Oberricklingen near Hanover
* Begins teaching in language school in Hanover
* Adopts a cat named Miu
* Manuscript of Pilgrimage returned about one year after it was seized


* Meets Gerda Strasdadt, Hanover
15 February: Completes chapter 15 of The Lightning and the Sun, probably at Oberricklingen near Hanover
21 March: Completes The Lightning and the Sun in Hanover


May: Leaves Germany to return to India
* Leaves Miu in care of Simone Bacqué, Chomélix
* Visits Athens
* Sails to Alexandria
* From Alexandria to Cairo
May-June: Meets Johannes von Leers and Mahmoud Saleh in El Maadhi, near Cairo
June: Visits ruins of Akhetaten at Tel-el-Amarna; gets sick from contaminated water; elephantiasis attack
18 June: Writes Paul de Tarse in El Maadhi
End of June: Sails on Greek steamer “Lydia” from Alexandria to Beirut
1-2 July (circa): Stays two days in Beirut
3 July (circa): Travels from Beirut to Damascus by car
4-5 July (circa): Stays two days in Damascus
6 July: Travels from Damascus to Baghdad by bus
7 July: Arrives in Baghdad; decides not to re-visit ruins of Babylon; departs later that day
7-9 July: Travels from Baghdad to Teheran by bus
9 July: Arrives in Teheran and stays three weeks in Iran
10 July: Incident in Teheran with dying kitten related in Long-Whiskers, chapter 14; Black Velvet killed by truck in Chomélix
* Visits Pahlevi on Caspian sea
* Travels by bus from Teheran to Mashhad to Zahedan on Iranian-Pakistan border (stays one week in Zahedan)
* Travels from Zahedan to Quetta to Lahore by train across Baluchistan desert
30 July: Boards train in Lahore to New Delhi
30 July: Assaulted and robbed on train after stop in Mathura
1 August: Arrives in Calcutta
August: Goes to work as translator for East German engineers in Joda, near Baramjamda, Orissa
September: Begins writing Long-Whiskers in Joda


* Returns to Calcutta
21 July: Writes Preface to The Lightning and the Sun, Calcutta
September: Gets job as teacher in French school in Calcutta
* The Lightning and the Sun published (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1958)
* Paul de Tarse published (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1958)
* Pilgrimage published (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1958)


22 June: Writes Preface to Impeachment of Man, Calcutta
* Impeachment of Man published (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1959)


25 March: Savitri’s mother dies in Lyons
August-September 1960: Returns to Europe, sailing to Marseilles via Ceylon
Fall: Spends six weeks with Otto Skorzeny in Spain; meets Leon Degrelle


January: Returns to France, finds teaching job in Montbrison near Lyons
May: Attends British National Party camp in Narford; meets Beryl Cheetham
Early summer: Savitri and Muriel Gantry meet in Athens and travel around Peloponnesus together
* Savitri leaves Athens alone bound for Germany
10 July: Finishes Long-Whiskers in Hanover
24 July: Writes to George Lincoln Rockwell from Einar Åberg’s house in Norvikken, Sweden
Autumn: Begins writing Hart wie Kruppstahl (Hard as Krupp Steel)
9 October: Completes Foreword of Hart wie Kruppstahl in Montbrison


* Continues teaching in Montbrison
Early in year: Meets Françoise Dior
20 April: Writes to George Lincoln Rockwell from Braunau on the Inn, Austria
26 July: Visits Muriel Gantry in London en route to National Socialist Movement camp in the Cotswolds
31 July: Savitri and Muriel Gantry visit Stonehenge
3 August: Goes to National Socialist Movement HQ to receive instructions on camp rendezvous then heads for camp
4 August: Cotswolds camp begins; meets George Lincoln Rockwell
7 August: Savitri goes to London to collect camp-goers; camp broken up in her absence
8 August: Savitri returns to camp for luggage and is stopped by Special Branch officers; stamp inserted in her passport banning her from England; returns to London to stay with Muriel Gantry
10 August: Raid on NSM headquarters in London
20 August: Savitri attends court where Colin Jordan and other National Socialist Movement people are sent to jail for two weeks for petty offenses


* Continues teaching in Montbrison
August: Finishes Hart wie Kruppstahl
11 August: Refused entry into England
Fall: Montbrison job ends; begins teaching in Saint Etienne

1963 or 1964

* Begins writing an historical novel, Tyrtée l’Athenien [Tyrtaios the Athenian], Montbrison


Spring: Teaches in Saint-Etienne
Spring: Persecuted by LICA (Ligue internationale Contre l'Antisémitisme—a French equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League)
Summer: Visits Muriel Gantry in England (somehow manages to sneak in, in spite of the ban)
Fall: Begins teaching in Firminy (academic years 1964-65, 1965-66)
27 December: Refused entry into England


* Teaches in Firminy
* Long-Whiskers printed in England (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, no date)


February: Further persecution from LICA
October: No longer allowed to teach; given correspondence course papers to correct
27 December 1966: Savitri refused entry into England (Channel Islands)
1966: Publication of condensed The Lightning and the Sun in National Socialist World, no. 1


* Continues to correct correspondence course papers
Spring: Excerpts from Gold in the Furnace published in National Socialist World, no. 3


* Continues to correct correspondence course papers
* Begins writing Souvenirs et réflexions d’une Aryenne [Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman]
Last week in September: Reunion with friends (Hans-Ulrich Rudel, John Tyndall, Beryl Cheetham, and others) in Munich and Salzburg
Winter: Excerpts from Defiance published in National Socialist World, no. 6


Spring: Job correcting correspondence course papers ends
20 April: Montbrison: Begins Souvenirs et réflexions over after the loss of the first 80 pages of the manuscript
July: Staying with Françoise Dior on the coast of France (Courcelles)
Summer (probably): Offered work in Dublin, Ireland but refused entry
September: Goes to Athens, lives on private French lessons, continues work on Souvenirs et réflexions


August: Departs Athens for Germany, continues work on Souvenirs et réflexions
August-October: Travels in Germany
October: Works on Souvenirs et réflexions at Françoise Dior’s house in Ducey, Normandy


May: Leaves Ducey
6 June: Writes to Cornelius Castoriadis from Zürich
23 June: Flies from Paris to Bombay
June-August: Lives in Poona, working on Souvenirs et réflexions
11 August: Arrives in New Delhi, lives in Hindu Mahasabha guest room where she completes Souvenirs et réflexions
12 September: Finishes Souvenirs et réflexions, New Delhi
Fall: Moves into sublet room at B-29 South Extension, Part I, New Delhi


* Moves to C-23, South Extension, Part II, New Delhi
September: AK Mukherji visits Savitri in New Delhi


1 March: Assaulted and robbed of most jewelry and left for dead, New Delhi
June: Ill with dysentery for weeks, New Delhi


6 March: Savitri writes friend and mentions that Mr. Mukherji will soon be in New Delhi for some time


28 July: Writes Preface to Souvenirs et réflexions, New Delhi
* Mid-September: Ill with malaria and dysentery, New Delhi
9 October: Operation for glaucoma, New Delhi
December-January 1977: final printing and binding of Souveniers et réflexions (New Delhi: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1976)


21 March: A.K. Mukherji dies at Savitri’s apartment in New Delhi, of heat stroke; he was fasting to death
August 1977: Loses job at Alliance Française, New Delhi


November: Records interviews that become the basis for And Time Rolls On, New Delhi


15 November: One and a half chapters of Ironies et paradoxes written, New Delhi


13 May: Cataract operation, New Delhi
June: Dismissed from teaching French to UN personnel, New Delhi
September: 27th attack of elephantiasis, New Delhi


March: New operation for cataracts, New Delhi
30 March: Stroke causes partial paralysis on right side, New Delhi
* Visits Sister in Law, Mrs. Bannerjee in New Delhi, asks to live with her; not possible
* Spends some time in Jaipur with Crystal Rogers recuperating
* Spends some time with Myriam Hirn in New Delhi
4 October: Flies from New Delhi to Germany
October-November: Stays at a Bavarian home for the elderly near Munich
December: Stays with Elisabeth Ettmayr in Kaltenbach near Traunstein
December: Visited by police at Frau Ettmayr’s
December: Told to leave Germany before 3 January 1982


Early January: Leaves Germany for Lyons via Lausanne, Switzerland; may have gone to Paris and stayed with Saint-Loup and family and R. Family
14 January: Picked up by police while waiting outside a friend’s house in Lyons for her return; taken to the “Grange Blanche” (Hôpital Edouard Herriot) in Lyons
25 January: Transferred to a “hospice çivil” in Genas-Vurey, near Lyons
20 February: Records seven hours of interviews in French
14 April: Moved to a geriatric hospital at Alix, near Lyons
21 June: Departs hospital at Alix for Germany at the invitation of Georg and Magdlen Schrader
22 June-late July: Stays with Georg and Magdlen Schrader in Steinen near Lörach
Late July-August: Stays with Frau Ettmayr in Kaltenbach near Traunstein
August: With Schraders and Frau Ettmayr visits Hans-Ulrich Rüdel in Kufstein, Austria,
August-September: Stays with Lotte Asmus in Prien
September: Stays with Elsa Ederer in Munich
20 September: Beryl Cheetham visits Savitri at Frau Ederer's in Munich
27 September: Beryl Cheetham visits Savitri at Frau Ederer's in Munich
30 September: Celebrates 77th birthday
30 September or 1 October: Departs Munich for Lausanne, Switzerland; stays with G.A. Amaudruz
1 or 2 October: Departs Lausanne for Paris
1 or 2-3 October: Stays in Paris with R family
3 October: Visits Françoise Dior in Paris
3-4 October: Stays in Paris with Cornelius Castoriadis and family
4 October: Leaves Paris for Nantes; stays with Yves Jeanne and family; receives word from Matt Koehl that visa and funds were available for US speaking tour; ticket from London to Washington, D.C. purchased for 6 November
16 October: Departs Nantes for England
17 October: Arrives by taxi at Muriel Gantry’s, in Sible Hedingham, Essex, England en route to US
22 October: Dies shortly after midnight in Sible Hedingham
7 December: Cremation at Colchester Crematorium


20 February: Memorial service for Savitri Devi at the headquarters of the New Order, the successor organization to George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party; Savitri’s ashes placed alongside Rockwell’s in New Order Valhalla

Corrected and augmented, 12 July 2006; augmented 2 October 2007