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Savitri Devi’s Defiance & Gold in the Furnace

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Maximiani Portas, better known as Savitri Devi Mukherji, is the undisputed shield maiden of National Socialism. She was a woman outside of time, able to see the Aryan race spirit in its many manifestations throughout history. As the “defiant” prophetess of future Aryan resurgence, she was also ahead of her time:

From Nanish on the German frontier, slowly the train moved on. My luggage had not been searched. With me — safe — were all my treasures: the golden Indian earrings in the shape of swastikas, that I was wearing, as on the day I had first entered Germany; the beautiful copy of Mein Kampf that my comrades of Koblenz had presented to me as a farewell gift; the manuscript of my Gold in the Furnace [1], my own tribute of love and admiration to Hitler’s martyred country.

Germany, a martyr. I have often thought the same thing. Germania, against her own blood kindred in America and Pan-Britannia, had laid down her life in defense of Europe’s dearest assets: the family, the leader, the land. As I read Savitri’s deepest thoughts and random encounters in Germany, I think to myself, “National Socialism is a system that values and aspires to virtue; Liberal-Democracy is a system that values and aspires to vice.” Savitri’s words have helped me to understand why capitalism flourishes only when ugliness and vice is rampant, and beauty and virtue is suppressed; and how consumerism, insatiable as it is, is inherent to capitalism. These are the vices for which millions bled in the fields and cities of Europe.

This is clear now. I have a hard time accepting it.

Savitri, an intensely spiritual woman, saw something special, ancient, mystical, and precious in National Socialism. It was a political ideology worth veneration as she was a fan of “deep ecology” and “animal rights.” Hitler was too. And so am I.

Who was Savitri Devi?

Savitri was a born fighter. As a preemie, she was not expected to live at first. As a young woman, she earned two masters and a doctorate, no walk in the park by any means. As a mature woman with a solid background in Greek philosophy, nationalism, Hinduism, and National Socialism, she embarked upon travels all over the world to share her ideas and learn from others of like mind. She has left us several invaluable texts which I encourage everyone who fancies him- or herself a European nationalist to read.

Why National Socialism?

Savitri Devi wrote in Gold in the Furnace:

Aryan culture would reconquer Europe under the rule of one of those men who appear once in the history of the world. But that Man’s victory—the victory of the Aryan over the “Mlechha”; of the ideal of racial hierarchy over that of democratic uniformity; of inspired leadership over the vanity of the obstinate herd—would be India’s victory also, for the best of India’s tradition was the age-old gift of that Man’s eternal Race. . . . Already more than one high-caste Hindu, aware of the real nature of the European conflict—not Germany versus England, but National Socialism versus all forms of democracy; the true Aryan outlook versus the Jewish—already more than one, I say, had acclaimed in the promoter of the western resurrection, Adolf Hitler, a ‘devata,’ i.e., a ‘shining one,’ a being above mankind, and the modern incarnation of the ever-recurring Saviour. I have heard them say so, some of them in public.

Naturally, those of us who are nationalistic, socialistic, racially aware, and nature-inclined are attracted to these fundamental tenets of National Socialism. Savitri discusses everything, from the history and meaning of the Swastika to an unrealized National Socialist future. Reading her books is akin to embarking on an intellectual journey born of curiosity and lent to understanding what it is about National Socialism and the Third Reich that so intrigues us. Was it its sun-centeredness, as Savitri believes? Was it the folkish pageantry? The sharp uniforms? The harmony and homogeneity? The unmatched talent and charisma of leaders like Hitler, Goebbels, Göring, and Himmler? All were outstanding public speakers. And all were extremely intelligent. Our leaders today, well, they evoke no emotion or interest. I could care less about any one of them. Not one is an equal of the National Socialists of yesteryear. Indeed, at times I feel a need to psychically bow to these great men of the past, such as when I read Hermann Göring’s IMT testimony.

He said, during an interview with Leon Goldensohn,

Why should I be afraid? I told the court, I am solely responsible – whenever it is a question of the government’s official acts, not extermination programs. I was Hitler’s successor and I stand as such to the German people. I did not dodge responsibility.

Goldensohn then asked, “Do you feel any resentment toward Hitler?”

To which Göring retorted, “No. It was in the last hours and he was under pressure. If I could have seen him personally it would have been different.”

Our leaders would disclaim personal responsibility and point their fingers at the sorry jerks sitting next to them.

 “The vanguard of the regenerate Aryan race”

Any sociopolitical system that produces and empowers such men as Hermann Göring – who stood his ground before a crooning crowd of vengeful psychopaths and owned up to his role as a National Socialist leader – deserves acclaim and attention. Göring, like Hitler, started out with nothing. He was just a World War I airman. A war hero. He, like Hitler and the rest of the founding fathers of National Socialism, was just trying to give Germany – his nation, his people – a place in the sun alongside the Germanic empires of America and England. We do not think of them as Germanic, but they are biogenetically. At least, they were when Savitri was alive. But unlike England and America, which both lack that inextinguishable rootedness in the mythical, mystical, folkish, and rustic, there is something unique and ancient about Germany. She is capable of producing such immeasurable greatness: super weapons on the one hand and National Socialism on the other. At the same time she is capable of self-flagellation to the point of spiritual, cultural and ethnic suicide, which today is unfolding. She is a nation and people of extremes, simultaneously untouchable and vulnerable.

After the war, Savitri traveled and preached the National Socialist faith in Germany in an effort to stop her continued destruction and enslavement at the hands of the Jews and their Western pawns. She was one woman, on a mission, both outside and ahead of her time. Her efforts as such have been fully documented for those of us like her in Defiance [2].

One Unique Woman

Savitri transcended her biological heritage (Greek, Italian, and English) and her liberal-democratic upbringing to fulfill a higher purpose in life. This higher calling was something that could not be found in the Western nations then just as it cannot be found there today. No. The future of the Aryans of the world belongs in Europe as it always has. America and England, not unlike the USSR, are failed experiments in imperium. Their days are numbered and “Our Day,” as Savitri calls it, is coming. The dawn of a new age; I can see it. She prophesies it and I believe her, that it will come. I can’t doubt it because this gifted woman so inspires me to believe and have faith in those virtuous facets of National Socialism which were, and are still, fundamentally correct. Nature herself proves this. Alongside Savitri, as we travel together recounting her inner workings and life adventures, a new Aryan era unfolds before my eyes, more intense, colorful and powerful than even that of National Socialist Germany. Alongside this surreal vision that Savitri paints in Gold in the Furnace, Jewish power erodes away and collapses under its own voracious weight.

The world as it is cannot last. It will not last. The rot hath set in.

A World of Ugliness

England was a Germanic colony at one time, an extension of Saxony really, which turned against its continental forebears in World War II. It is presently self-destructing. And America is a Masonic corporation which has just one purpose:

to fulfill the mission and role that Judeomasonry has allotted to it.

Count Coudenhouve-Calergi was “kind” enough to inform us what that is: the destruction of everything German and Germanic; by extension, the destruction of Europe and her Greater Aryan culture. As far as I can tell, Judeomasonry and its “army” of sycophants are winning.

Why do we answer to this Lodge?

The reorganization of the Middle East, utilizing predominantly Germanic blood from America and Europe, to make it more accommodating to Israel and Jewish interests, is but one phase of an ongoing war that Judeomasonry has been waging at the expense of us all. This is doubly bad. These de-spirited overlords are ruining our world for capitalism. And these overlords of ours are killing Germans, sapping Germans, guilt-tripping Germans, and in so doing they are further destroying Europe and the hope of a magnificent future for white peoples the world over. As Savitri writes, “there is no Europe without Germany.” And if there is no Europe, there is no Aryan future. At the same time, we must also realize, “there is no Israel or Jewish power without Germany and Germanic peoples.” We must cease being their sycophants!

Our “guilt,” namely “German guilt,” keeps the Jewish ship afloat. Our guilt keeps Jews in power over everyone. Our guilt makes us shed our blood for an alien race whose goal is our destruction. Why do we do this? Well, when Germans do something, they do it very well. Their thoroughness is celebrated. The Jews know this. That is why they employ Germanic man as their force multiplication against their enemies. At the same time they know that Germanic man is the only white race among all the white races which damn near destroyed their power.

The Jews will never forget that. They will never forgive Germany.

Savitri knew this and tried to stop them. Hence, Defiance and Gold in the Furnace.


Savitri wrote Defiance while she was imprisoned in West Germany after the war. It is a recounting of her experiences amongst the Germans, a war-torn and demoralized people. The English and Americans had bombed her relentlessly while the Russians had raped and ravaged at will. Savitri believed, in spite of all this suffering, that the Germans would rise again. Being a believer in Hindu religiosity, Savitri saw Germany’s rise under Hitler and her subsequent destruction as a necessary occurrence in the great wheel of life. Like individuals who are reincarnated, so too are peoples and nations. Hitler’s Germany was the reincarnation of Aryan Man.

Savitri spent a lot of time distributing leaflets and offering words of encouragement to Germans she encountered before her arrest. She was defiant in every sense of the word. Can any of us imagine standing up to the Allied occupiers in such a way? Her motivation was her unbending faith in National Socialism as essentially correct and her belief in Hitler as an avatar sent by Providence to fulfill a mission here on earth. Like all religions, hers gave her a higher purpose, a purpose for which she was willing to fight and suffer.

While her prison-time memoirs can be dry at times, her fiery personality and philosophical insightfulness never dissipates. She writes with charisma as she recounts what she told Germans, what they told her, and how Germany was no dispirited corpse. Savitri believed this so intensively that she distributed thousands of copies of handwritten leaflets encouraging the “Men and women of Germany” to “hold fast to our glorious National Socialist faith, and resist!” Hitler was an incarnation of the god Vishnu, the Preserver, a “Man Against Time,” she advocated. And the German people were the modern bearers of that eternal Aryan race spirit that could not be extinguished, no matter how murderous its opponents.

Savitri befriended SS men while serving her absurd two-year prison term (reduced to eight months) encouraging them to remain faithful and steadfast. They and their Leader were not wrong or evil. It was the Judeo-Christian world that was wrong and evil.

At one point in her memoir, she tells a certain Frau Oberin:

“One can be a follower of Adolf Hitler without being a German, provided one is sufficiently proud of being just an Aryan. But one cannot be, today, a good German without being a follower of Adolf Hitler.” And the old, well-known words came back to my memory: “Adolf Hitler is Germany.”

Some may consider this the statement of a fanatical Nazi and Hitler worshipper. But let us ponder it more deeply. Adolf Hitler was the embodiment of Germanness. He was fanatically dedicated to his beliefs, just like the Protestant and Catholic Germans before him who fought the Thirty Years’ War for their beliefs. He was publicly bold and gave torrential speeches that few of us could even dream of giving. And he was as hard as iron. He was the “Preserver” of all that is German and thus Aryan.

Eternal Arya is Germany.

Gold in the Furnace

Savitri explores a number of subjects in what I consider her magnum opus. She really drives home the horrors inflicted upon all Europeans, Greater Arya, if you will, by the Allies under an implacable Jewish thumb.

Perhaps the most profound observation she offers is the idea that National Socialism, unlike other “Western” political systems, is natural. It looks to nature and emulates nature as much as possible. Knowing this, how can one oppose it? It is eternal. It is structured as nature herself is structured. It is harsh and unbending when necessary, but also kind and generous when these are called for. One can experience many things in the natural world: altruism, different species and breeds befriending and intermingling, inexplicable cruelties, and raw savagery. It’s all there. The beautiful and kind alongside the vicious, ugly and rotten. The ideal human system, in Savitri’s view National Socialism, also features these things. Euthanasia, sterilization and warfare were as common to it as family, work, ingenuity, and all the lovely things in life. The difference between the National Socialist system (nature) and the Jewish system (anti-nature), however, is that the former strives for beauty and edification while the latter venerates horror and ugliness. The former venerates fecundity, work, and family unity while the latter fractures families, destroys life, and undermines work.

The overarching spiritual premise of this text is that Aryankind manifested itself in Germankind. The Germans’ adoption of the Swastika as their national symbol proved that Eternal Arya had inhabited the German people. The Aryan spirit selected them, of all people, and gave to them Adolf Hitler as their leader. He fought against the rotten and corrupt Jewish world order because Arya demanded it. He was Vishnu. He had no other choice. He was the physical vessel of a spiritual entity. His was therefore a spiritual mission that is still unfolding. We have yet to understand why he did what he did, why it had to be done the way it was, and what its implications will be. Savitri promises they will be positive. Rest assured all ye faithful, Eternal Arya cannot be burned away or destroyed by Allied bombs, Russian rapine, or Jewish guilt-tripping. Her resurgence is assured. Germany’s destruction was a trial by fire from which Eternal Arya will emerge stronger than before. She has been re-forged like gold in a furnace. Eternal Arya will again take up Germania in future.

And this time, she will win.